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rainymorning_ACCENT_0724At this time, Jetvan Monastery cannot offer intensive personal retreats but we do recommend anyone interested in visiting to check our guidelines for a casual personal retreat. Details can be found on our visiting guidelines page.

If you have been to the Jetvan Monastery before for a group retreat, you know the experience and benefits of intensive meditation in a structured setting.

By being in the forest monastery setting you can experience the benefits of being surrounded by people who are dedicated to the Buddha Dhamma.  Senior monastics are usually available to answer questions you may have about your meditation. You will need to let us know when you register if you are interested in having an interview with a senior monastic.  Interviews can be scheduled for Tuesdays and Friday afternoons but it is up to our monastic community who may be available to meet with you. The reference library is available which has a vast resource of both printed and audio material to support your retreat.

Although life will be moving on around you while you are on a personal retreat, you are asked to follow our daily schedule (sample can be found on our website) which includes no eating after noon, fully participating in all scheduled daily activities, working 2-4 hours each day (or longer if the work load is especially in need during your visit) though most work is completed in the morning but on occasion, it can continue in to the mid-afternoon hours. This gives you the opportunity to practice dealing with life situations while still being in an ideal setting for meditation and contemplation along with helping to support the Jetvan Monastery.

People who come for personal meditation retreats at Jetvan Monastery are expected to be doing a practice in line with the Theravada Buddhist tradition.  We cannot offer our facilities for recuperation and general rest.

Please read through the detailed guidelines regarding personal retreats as well as those for visiting in general.  Sign up for a personal retreat using the regular Visit Registration.

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