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Volunteer Opportunities Ways you can help out

There are many ways you can be of service to the Jetvan Monastery. The following are specific things that are needed. If you think you could help out in some way, contact us at If we know before you visit then we can get materials ready for you.

Driving monastics

From time to time monastics need transportation from Jetvan to the airport or Washington, D.C.

Driving retreat participants

Please always check the list of people who need rides to our retreats and see if you can offer them assistance.

Skilled Carpentry

There are always projects around Jetvan that need to be done. Some are repair work and some are new construction.

Transcription and Editing

We need folks to transcribe audio talks off the website as well as edit them into publishable material. See our Download Page for a listing of talks. Select a talk and see if it lists a need to be transcribed or edited. Let us know what you would like to work on and you are on your way. (At this time, we are not accepting any more transcription of audio talks from our website. We would like to thank those who have contributed in the past. When we are ready, we will re-open transcribing but for now, we do not need any volunteers for this service, thank you).

Cook/Kitchen Manager

We now have a paid position for a cook and kitchen manager. More information is here.

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