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People often want to bring items with them to donate when they visit. Because people want to donate useful things, we provide this list of things that we use on a regular basis or need at this time.


Please contact the kitchen manager at to find out exactly what sort of food is needed at this time.

Generally, we can use the following items:

  • Fresh Vegetables: Greens, Vegetables, and Fruits, Organic Olives, Organic Lemons and Limes.
  • Pantry Items: organic whole grains (quinoa, steel-cut oats, whole hard red wheat, bulgur, buckwheat, whole kamut, spelt, rye, organic high-fiber cereals (oat or wheat bran, no added sugar), organic flours (such as whole wheat, oat, almond, and other whole-grain flours), beans (such as mung, black, garbanzo, lima, pinto, kidney, red and other organic dried beans, lentils, split peas, whole soy beans), seeds (organic whole hemp, flax, pumpkin, sunflower, sesame), nuts (organic walnuts, raw almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, peanuts), tomato sauce (organic, no added sugar, salt, or other ingredients and preservatives, just tomatoes), dried organic fruits without preservatives (raisins, prunes, cranberries, blueberries, apricots, figs). We ask that you avoid dried fruits with added sulfur or potassium or anything else either than the dried fruit itself. Wheat germ, Nutritional yeast, Organic Raw Unsalted Almond Butter, Organic Raw Unsalted Peanut Butter (we ask that you avoid nut butters with added hydrogenated oils, sugar, salt, or other preservatives).
  • Beverages: bottled non-frozen, no sugar added fruit juices, non-refrigerated boxed unsweetened plain soy milk and unsweetened almond milk (non-perishable), unsweetened cocoa powder, herbal tea bags, regular ground coffee.
Please note: The WV Health department has informed us that according to FDA regulations, we should not serve imported canned food.

Paper Goods:

  • Paper napkins, paper towels, boxed tissues, septic safe toilet paper

Kitchen-Household-Medicine-General items:

  • dish washing detergent
  • tapered candles, tea candles, kitchen matches
  • smokeless, colorless, 99% pure lamp oil
  • kinetic energy flashlights
  • AA, AAA, D, C batteries
  • seasoned firewood
  • new pillows
  • single/twin size mattress covers

Items we do not need:

  • any vegetable oils
  • any canned foods
  • soy sauce
  • any size rechargable batteries
  • bath towels
  • white rice
  • Cheerios
  • black tea (loose and bags)
  • brown sugar
  • tooth paste
  • bottled water
  • blankets or sheets

Thank you !

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