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What is Jetvan Monastery?

  • Our Vision Statement

    To provide training to suitable lay candidates who are seeking ordination and to ordain those candidates at the end of the training period. Become future Dhamma and meditation teachers.

  • The Experience of Ordination

    The experience of ordination begins when one hears the Dhamma for the first time in such a way that one understands the benefits one could gain from becoming a monk or nun.

  • Become a Member

    Individuals can support the Jetvan Monastery by becoming a member. All of our services are available regardless if you are a member or not.

  • The Monastic Community

    The monastic community is made up of monks and nuns from the India and around the world. The monastic community is supported by a dedicated group of lay people who live at Jetvan and beyond.

Free Resources From Jetvan

  • Recommended Readings

    There are hundreds of books & Articles being published every month & year on the topic of Buddhism and meditation.

  • Read Dhamma Articles

    We have More than 100 Books, 1000 Articles available to read for Dhamma which are teached by the Teachers.

  • Listen Online Music

    These are audio talks available for downloading or listening to directly from our website. They are recorded in MP3 format.

  • Top Reference Links

    Here are some other websites that you may also find interesting Such as Dharmaseed.comSadhu!, & more.

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